Grytpics iPad App!

LameSauce's first iOS application is now available in the Apple App Store. This application, Gryptics, has been called a "crossword puzzle without clues" and is as challenging as it is addictive. Gryptics is a free download that includes 10 puzzles for you to try.

Once you're hooked, the app will allow you to buy more puzzles - 25 for $1 - what a great deal!

You can also check out a YouTube video demonstration of the Gryptics app in action.

Les Foeldessy

Les is the true talent behind Gryptics. He is the inventor of the game itself and the creator of all the content in the iPad app.

If you'd like to know more about Les or Gryptics, please visit his gryptics.com site.

Les also has a book on Amazon for those interested in a paper-format Gryptics experience.


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